Our Differences

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So many vendors and consulting firms really understand the technology, but rarely do they understand how changes in technology also affect the staff and processes of any organization. Whenever we work with a client we take into account any and all changes that affect the people, process and technology. Because we have provided clients with long-term management, we understand the necessities for system report requirements, thorough documentation processes, and governmental and regulatory compliance for industries like health care, government and finance. And we make it our policy to ensure a client project is not a training ground for more junior-level consultants. Unlike many consulting firms, we have extensive experience working with IT, Telecom and Contact Centers long term. Many times we are still in the management role so we see and understand the longer term effects of change. We also understand the importance of management tools such as reporting, staffing, vendor management, budgets, business plans and goals, and employee acknowledgement and rewards – just to name a few.
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So many vendors and consulting firms know how to design and implement the basics but rarely do they focus on these areas. Because we’ve had the experience of being an end-user, we frequently know the vendors offering better than the vendor’s implementation team. With CG Consulting, we do not consider the project complete unless we address and implement useful management tools and the client understands how to effectively use these tools to successfully manage the call center or technology and by delighting the customer. By accomplishing these two tasks, our clients will experience a higher level of customer loyalty and will attract and retain superior employees.
Documentation is also a critical part of every technology project, and, unfortunately, in many cases, it is forgotten. Upon completion of every project, CG Consulting has a standard documentation package. If the project is federally funded or governed by FDA regulations or other legislation, the documentation package provided includes mandated documentation guidelines.
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Additionally, we are different from the bigger, more recognized consulting firms in that we only staff with consultants who will benefit the client. We do not send consultants to site who have limited or no experience who will then be managed by a seasoned, highly experienced senior consultant. Your project will not be a training ground for a consultant. Finally, we offer a guarantee for our services. If you are not satisfied with our deliverables, if they do not deliver what we documented for you in our contract or scope of work; then you will not need to compensate us for our work.
CG Consulting frequently engages clients with the following situations:
•client’s business is growing and they don’t know how to most effectively manage the business and/or growth
•end of life issues with technology
•migration from a call center to a contact center with web, self service, text, chat, bot, email and various social media technologies
•new legislative regulations which affects their business
•merger, acquisition or relocations
•change in management
•an increase in customer complaints
•business goals and objectives are not being met or are not defined
•internal departments are not effectively communicating and require a liaison to ensure each department’s goals and objectives are met