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Providing Consulting for Over 25 Years

Providing Consulting for Over 25 Years


CG Consulting Services, Inc. was created due to a large demand from clients and a passion for Telecom, Call Center, and business project opportunities. Cindy Gick is the founder and President of CG Consulting Services, Inc.

After working for several vendors, customers, and a large, global consulting firm, the need for a smaller but highly experienced consulting firm seemed apparent.

Ms. Gick’s first job out of college was at a small interconnect company. Her responsibilities included interfacing with customers, taking orders, dispatching techs, billing, responding to RFPs, running the office, and a multitude of other activities. Initially, she thought this job was just a way to pay the bills.

Little did she realize that this was the beginning of an exciting career. Thus began her immersion into technology and what it could do for a business.

She loved responding to customers’ needs with viable technical solutions that were leading edge and created immediate efficiencies.

She looked for solutions that could dramatically eliminate their immediate pain while providing them with a roadmap to success.

Initially, she thought it was the technology she loved working with; however, once implementing and managing call centers began, she realized that technology was only a part of what she enjoyed.

Often technology is simply a driver for new projects or strategies, but what thrilled Ms. Gick was taking the technology and planning strategies around the people and the process of integrating the technology.


Our focus at CG Consulting Services, Inc. is to provide clients with an alternative or supplemental resource for their IT, Telecom, Call Center, and business projects. We are a small firm that prides itself on delivering a high-quality experience without a high price tag.

Ms. Gick has supported IT, Telecom, Call Center, and business projects for the last 20 years. Her skills are unique and tailor-made for these types of projects.

Because she has extensive experience as an end-user, vendor, and consultant, making her unique and bringing a more qualified understanding of the cause-and-effect results produced by constant changes in people, processes, and technology.

Technology is only as effective as the strategy and design put into place during the implementation and maintenance of the technology.

Additionally, organizational frustration can be caused by several things, such as; when there isn’t a meeting of the minds between different departments within an organization, strategy, and design is based solely on the requirements of the company, and/or if the customer experience isn’t taken into account.

If you want to deliver a delightful experience to your customers and your organization, contact us. We look forward to discussing your projects.

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